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Asuka's bios is up, Shinji's is semi finished.
Questions of remodeling the site is at hand again...
I just fixed my problem with viewing flash, and may reconsider including flash on this page. I just finished summer school yesterday... I've also been watching Anime, so I haven't really had a chance to update... sorry guys/girls. This is to let you guys know I'm not dead... not yet anyways. O yea, I updated the Evangelion Section.
After hours of boredom, I decided to work on my site. Again, there's not much here, except maybe my totally redesigned Baldur's Gate WinAmp skin. I made a big decision, not to include flash on my website for two reasons. One of which is because it's screwed up when i look at it, and people dont want to spend time downloading the flash files, cause it can get BIG. I hope to add rollovers soon. The layout of this site was not thought out very well when i think about, expect updates to it, but also expect the content to be updated as well. The future of this site has been forordained, I hope to evolve this site into something meaningful and useful. I hope to make this site directed toward the world of anime

Are you ready for the Second Impact?

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