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Ikari Shinji
Name : Ikari Shinji
Age : 14 years old
Gender : Male
Blood Type : A
Position : Pilot of Evangelion Unit 1
First Appearance : Episode #1 (Angel Attack)
Voice Actor : Ogata Megumi

Ikari Shinji, 14 years old. He is the third children being selected by Marduk to become the pilot of EVA-01. He is the son of Ikari Gendou. Shinji's father left him to live with his teacher in Tokyo-1 10 years ago. After receiving a fax from his father, he decided to meet him in Tokyo-3. He is happy because he is needed by his father and he is not an useless person again. But he was totally disappointed with his father because he wanted him to fight with Sachiel at their first meeting. At first, he was self-obsessed and lacked of confidence to fight with Sachiel and wanted to run away, but after he saw Ayanami Rei seriously injured, he decided to drive EVA-01.