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Ayanami Rei

Name : Ayanami Rei
Age : 14 years old
Gender : Female
Blood Type : Blue Pattern
Position : Pilot of Evangelion Unit 0
First Appearance : Episode #1 (Angel Attack)
Voice Actor : Hayashibara Megumi

Ayanami Rei, 14 years old. She is the first child being selected by Marduk. She is trained for 7 months to become the pilot of EVA-00. All records about her has been erased, therefore nobody knows where she came from, or who her parents are. She is a very, very quiet girl and she can't express her feelings to other people very well. She is always alone. It is seemed that Shinji and Asuka are her only friends. Only Ikari Gendou can communicate with her and she only shows her smile to him. She lives in a flat which is very noisy and messy.