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Katsuragi Misato

Name : Katsuragi Misato
Age : 29 years old
Gender : Female
Blood Type : A
Position : Leader of NERV's Military Operations
First Appearance : Episode #1 (Angel Attack)
Voice Actor : Mitsuishi Kotono

Katsuragi Misato, 29 years old. She belongs to the first section of military operation bureau of the tactical military operations department of NERV. She hates Angels very much and took destroy Angels as her responsible. She is cool, humour but a little bit lazy. Her only best friends in NERV is Ritsuko. She likes to drink beer and eats instant noodles by mixing a lot of curry in it. She never did the housework. Before Shinji came to live with her, her house is a mess. She later becomes the guardian of Shinji and Asuka after they move to stay with her. Shinji also complains about her laziness and not dressing well in house to Touji and Kensuke. She once lived with her ex-boyfriend, Kaji Ryouji, but they have separated long time ago.