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Kaji Ryouji

Name : Kaji Ryouji
Age : 31 years old
Gender : Male
Blood Type : A
First Appearance : Episode #8
Voice Actor : Yamadera Koichi

Kaji belongs to Department of Special Inspection in Nerv, and also the Department of the Interior of Japan, the Department of Inquiry. He comes with Asuka and "Adam" in episode 8. He comes to Nerv to work for Japanese government as a spy to investigate Nerv. His appearance turns two good friends, Katsuragi Misato and Akagi Ritsuko, into "competitors" for Ryouji. He had been friends with them since they were in college. This time when he comes both Ritsuko and Misato fall in love with him. Kaji takes this chance to get much secrets from these two important staff in Nerv, and they didn't even ever notice his identity as a spy.